As a project of ISKCON Youth Services, BACE is a residential facility for college students and young unmarried professionals whereby they integrate spiritual discipline with their academic / professional career. Systematic training programs for the youth are held based on philosophy, character development and leadership skills. The BACE promises to offer a nourishing package of lifestyle management and provide a strong spiritual foundation to students’ academic & professional pursuits by which they blossom to be the beacon light for the new generation. BACE is an exclusive opportunity for young students and working professionals to get a firsthand experience of the Krishna conscious lifestyle. This facility has been designed on the principles of the traditional gurukula system for unmarried boys for a systematic training in the Vedic culture and education. It is to be remarked that this is NOT just another residential facility like a typical hostel / lodge. The motivation of anyone wishing to reside here should be to learn and practice the process of devotional service to the Lord, along with pursuing his usual academic / professional duties.


The youth of Pune,especially those staying away from their home, in hostels and as paying guests, face a variety of practical problems which make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies properly. Many a times due to lack of good association, they easily fall prey to bad habits, use of vulgar language and a variety of addictions. The glitter and glamour of the metropolis pulls them regularly to theaters and discotheques. A lack of parental monitoring and abundant availability of sense enjoyment in the city make it challenging for them to live a principle-oriented lifestyle. Easy access to internet, free mixing outside college hours and peer-pressure are successful in stealing away their time, that could have been better utilized. All the more, there is seldom any emotional help available in times of exams, study stress and frustration. Last, but not the least, they miss the homely food cooked lovingly by their mom. The Bhaktivedanta Academy for Culture and Education (BACE), rightfully understanding these needs of the younger generation, provides them a residential facility wherein they accrue great benefits. Being in the association of friends devoid of bad habits, these boys are able to live a disciplined lifestyle and within a very short time they are able to see a significant increase in their academic performance. They get physically nourished by homely, tasty, vegetarian food and are also guided academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Gradually these boys not only become exemplary in their studies but also possess sound knowledge of higher realities and duties of life. In essence, the BACE atmosphere plays a very significant role in preserving & enhancing the character of the youth while executing their regular duties. BACE invites interested candidates to experience these oases of culture, which are present at a number of locations in the city of Mumbai, and see themselves grow & succeed in life. So why miss out, better try out! Email us today at srigovinddham@gmailcom.This facility is also available to young, unmarried working professionals who may be looking for accommodation and willing to fulfill the criteria for BACE stay.

BACE in Pimpri-Chinchwad :

  • Mayapur BACE, Walhekarwadi,Chinchwad
  • Govind BACE, Ravet
  • Vrindavan BACE, Akurdi
  • Surabhikunj BACE, Nigdi
  • Gauranga BACE, Shahunagar,Chinchwad
  • Jagnnath BACE,Talegaon Dabhade
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